Drouot Classic Sale

mardi 16 avril 2024 14:00
Salle 14 - Hôtel Drouot , 9, rue Drouot 75009 Paris
Sale information

PARISENCHERES is a société de ventes volontaires de meubles aux enchères publiques governed by law n°2000-642 of July 10, 2000.

COLLIN du BOCAGE is a trademark owned by PARISENCHERES.

PARISENCHERES acts as the seller's agent. The auctioneer is not a party to the sales contract, which is exclusively between the seller and the successful bidder.


The present general terms and conditions of sale, the sale and all related matters are governed by French law. Sellers, buyers and their agents agree that any legal action shall fall within the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Paris (France).

The provisions of these terms and conditions are independent of each other. The sale is made in cash and prices are expressed in euros (€).


The seller guarantees PARISENCHERES and the buyer that it is the undisputed owner, or that it is duly authorized by the undisputed owner, of the goods offered for sale, which are not subject to any claim, dispute or seizure, nor any reservation or pledge, and that it can validly transfer ownership of said goods.

The information appearing in the catalog is established by PARISENCHERES and the expert who assists it, if necessary, with all the diligence required by a VSC of furniture by public auction, subject to the notifications, declarations, rectifications, announced at the time of the presentation of the item and recorded in the minutes of the sale. This information, including the size indications in the catalog, is provided to facilitate the inspection of the potential buyer and remains subject to his personal appreciation.

The absence of any indication of restoration, accidents, retouching or any other incident in the catalog, on condition reports or labels, or in verbal announcements, does not imply that an item is free from defect. The condition of frames is not guaranteed.

Gemstones and pearls in general may have undergone general beautification practices (oiling for emeralds, heat treatment for sapphires or rubies, bleaching for pearls). These enhancements are considered traditional and are accepted by the international gemstone and pearl trade.

Customers may request a certificate for any uncertified stone by sending a request to the Jewelry Department at least two weeks before the sale date.

No warranty is given on the working order of watches. As some watchmakers no longer have the original parts needed to restore antique watches, no guarantee is given to the buyer regarding restoration by the watchmakers for watches sold as is.

For items whose low estimate exceeds €1,000, a condition report on the state of conservation of the lots may be provided on request. The information contained therein is provided free of charge and for information purposes only. PARISENCHERES cannot be held liable in any way whatsoever.

In the event of disputes, notably concerning the authenticity or origin of the items sold, PARISENCHERES is bound by an obligation of means; its possible liability can only be engaged on the express condition that a personal and proven fault is demonstrated against it.

No claim will be accepted once the sale has been announced.

Estimates and prices

The estimated sale price is shown next to each lot, and does not include buyer's expenses or VAT.

Auction participation conditions

Purchase orders must be received no later than 2 working days before the sale.

Telephone bids are only accepted for lots with a low estimate of over €400.

Purchase orders and telephone bids are a free service to the customer. PARISENCHERES, its agents or its representatives will not be held responsible in the event of error or omission in the execution of orders received, nor in the event of their non-execution.

Auction sequence

Auctions follow the order of the catalog numbers. PARISENCHERES is free to set the order in which bids progress, and bidders are required to comply with this order. The highest and last bidder will be the successful bidder.

In the event that a reserve price has been stipulated by the seller, PARISENCHERES reserves the right to place bids on behalf of the seller until the reserve price has been reached.

It is important to note that in-room bids take precedence over

Sales conditions