POITEVIN (Alphonse). Traité de l'impression... - Lot 227 - Paris Enchères - Collin du Bocage

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POITEVIN (Alphonse). Traité de l'impression... - Lot 227 - Paris Enchères - Collin du Bocage
POITEVIN (Alphonse). Traité de l'impression photographique sans sels d'argent. Paris, Lieber, 1862. In-8, (2) ff, iv pp, 182 pp, 1 photograph pasted on p. 154, green half-basin, smooth spine decorated, very rubbed. Introduction by Ernest Lacan. Bound in the suite : BRANDELY. Nouveau traité des manipulations électrochimiques. Paris, Roret, 1848. vi pp, 146 pp, 6 folding plates. - DECHARME. Of the hemihedral forms of morphine and of some salts of this alkaloid. 18 pp. - LAMY. De l'existence d'un nouveau métal, le thallium. Lille, Danel, 1862. 42 pp, front cover cons. with dispatch to the author, one color plate. - MATHIEU. Autopathography or method of reproduction by light. Paris, 1848. 15 pp, (1) bl. - REVEIL and BERJOT. Procedures for the preservation of plants. August 1856. 7 pp. - ROYER. Notes de chimie. Bordeaux, Gounouilhou, 1863. 20 pp. - MICHEL. Considerations on the dyeing of silks in black. 1859. 21 pp. - GLENARD. Competition for the research of China green. Lyon, Perrin, 1860. 24 pp. - Competition for the search for China green in indigenous and exotic plants. 1857. 46 pp. 2 folded plates - BAUDRIMONT. Memoir [ and Second Memoir] on the structure of bodies. Bordeaux, Gounouilhou, 1863 and [1864]. Correspondence a. s. from the author. 46 and 93 pp. with one folding table torn but complete. Some foxing.
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