DAGUERRE (Louis-Jacques Mandé). History and... - Lot 174 - Paris Enchères - Collin du Bocage

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DAGUERRE (Louis-Jacques Mandé). History and... - Lot 174 - Paris Enchères - Collin du Bocage
DAGUERRE (Louis-Jacques Mandé). History and description of the daguerreotype and diorama processes. Paris, Susse Frères, Éditeurs, Place de la Bourse, 31; Delloye, Librairie, Place de la Bourse 13, 1839. In-8, paperback, gray cover, (2) ff. n. o.c. (faux-title with on verso "avis des éditeurs", title with on verso "table des matières"), 79 pp., (1) p. bl. n. o.c., 2 ff. (Catalogue of the sculptures published by MM. Susse frères; advertisement: "L'Exposition"), 6 engraved plates. Beaumont Newhall. "A chronicle of the birth of photography," Harvard Library Bulletin, Spring 1953: "First edition, first issue, second imprint." - In French in the text, 255. - Pierre. G. Harmant, "Daguerre's Manual: a bibliographical enigma". In: History of photography, vol. I, number 1, january 1977, pp. 79-83. Extremely rare first edition, at the address of Susse frères and Delloye, of Daguerre's famous first treatise, presentation of his brand new photographic process. Divided in three parts, this booklet evokes the promotion of the invention, its genesis, and exposes Daguerre's work, with 6 explanatory plates. According to Beaumont Newhall, the first edition was published around August 20, 1839, at the address of Giroux et Cie, and Delloye. The printing was done by Béthune et Plon. Of this edition, only three copies are known. On September 14, the copies of this first edition by Béthune and Plon, were put back on sale at the address of Susse Frères and Delloye. The copies differ from those to the address of Giroux only by the 3 pages of publicity which they contain in fine. Their covers are yellow. Our copy is under grey cover (mention "Price : 2 francs") and it is in all points identical to the copy under yellow cover of this edition with the address Susse frères et Delloye, preserved in the BnF. "From September (1839), thirty-nine editions, or reprints and translations followed one another in less than eighteen months (...). Thanks to the book, in a short time, the western world knew the name of Daguerre". In French in the text, 255. Paperback very tired, stained; first cover detached, qq ff unbound, foxing.
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