JACQUES and HÉLÈNE BON Gastronomic Library Vol. I

jeudi 16 juin 2022 14:00
Salle Provence , 17, rue de Provence 75009 Paris
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Gastronomic library



Thursday, June 16, 2022, 2pm

Part I: Antique Books - Wine - Bibliographies

Friday June 17, 2022, 2pm

Part II: 19th century books - Modern books - Mushrooms

The gastronomic library of Jacques and Hélène Bon is exceptional, as is their love of books and their gourmet taste.

Passionate about classical literature and curious gourmets, they gathered more than 600 remarkable works from the 15th to the 20th century, all related to gastronomy.

Their goal was to reread classic treatises, discover unknown authors, and unearth new ideas...

These books gather recipes of course, but they also deal with medicine and health, the arts of the table, the uses of the offices, the practices of foreign countries, agriculture and botany, chocolate and coffee, distillation, potatoes, bread, milk...

The great scientists and gastronomes are represented as Athénée, Scappi, Taillevent, Carême, Parmentier, Brillat-Savarin, Curnonsky...

Wines and mushrooms are also widely honored.

The collection of Jacques and Hélène Bon thus values all subjects, and in all forms: handwritten, watercolored and printed.

Between Paris and the Sarthe, and during half a century, they cultivated their common passion with happiness, guided by great Parisian booksellers in this knowledge of the works that men have always devoted to the arts of the table.

With them, they enjoyed talking about books, cooking and meeting around good tables.

Today, the dispersion of this collection relays the spirit of openness and sharing of Jacques and Hélène Bon.

Their wish is that these discoveries will give you as much pleasure as they had, whether you are curious gastronomes, beginner collectors, or confirmed bibliophiles.

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