Arts of Asia

jeudi 24 juin 2021 14:00
Salle Provence , 17, rue de Provence 75009 Paris
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The Asia sale on June 24 brings together several collections from India, China, Vietnam, Japan, Southeast Asia and the Himalayas. The offer ranges from ceramics: porcelain, terracotta, Indian companies to stone and wood statuary. Let's not forget the semi-precious stone pendants, jade objects, snuffboxes, golden bronzes, paintings, prints, drawings and lacquered panels. And finally, a beautiful set of ancient Japanese blades: katanas, waki zashi, tachi etc...


Mrs Véronique Prévot

Expert C.E.C.O.A

18 rue de Provence

75009 Paris

01 48 78 49 34

33 (0) 625684846

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