GOBELET in silver and silver gilt (vermeil).... - Lot 22 - Paris Enchères - Collin du Bocage

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GOBELET in silver and silver gilt (vermeil).... - Lot 22 - Paris Enchères - Collin du Bocage
GOBELET in silver and silver gilt (vermeil). STRASBOURG, Jacques OBERLIN (insculpts his mark in 1665), 1679 (date in the inscription). With flat bottom, cylindrical slightly flared, the body amati, the lower edge and the upper band plain, gilded, with decoration of double-threads. Gilded interior. Inscription in German engraved below on three concentric circles (completed with the letters in square brackets): VON H[ERR] CR. CASP[AR] : V[ON] DIEMER OBRISTLEVT[NANT] : BERLIPPICH REG[I]M[EN]TS H[ERRN] I[OHANN] I[OSEP]H : WILDERMVTEN / ZVM ANGEDENCKEN VERREHRET ALS DAS REG[I]M[EN]T DE[N] 14[.] MAY / 1679 AVS STRASBVRG MARSCHIRTE. According to this inscription, the goblet was given to Johann Joseph Wildermuth by Cr. (Christian?) Caspar von Diemer, lieutenant-colonel of the Berlepsch regiment (the name of the senior officer commanding the regiment), in memory of the regiment's departure from Strasbourg on May 14, 1679. It is a present made between imperial soldiers two years before the capitulation of Strasbourg, act by which the free imperial city of Strasbourg placed itself under the protection of the kings of France, on September 30, 1681. No gilding on the amati body. Hallmarks under the base with striche. Height 9,8 cm; Diameter 7,7 cm; Weight 143 g. Thanks to M. Emmanuel Fritsch for the translation of the inscription.
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